Should you eat before bed?

A question that many ask is should you eat before bed? There are arguments for eating before bed and there are also arguments for not eating before bed. This can be an interesting topic which is why it is a good idea to explore it because it could end up making a big difference in your health.

What are the pros of eating before bed?

Contrary to what many people think is that even while sleeping your body is burning calories and needs the energy to function. Going to bed hungry can result in bad sleep because your body does not have the necessary elements to recharge you. Also, eating before bed can help maintain blood sugar, increase melatonin among other benefits. The important thing to note however is that it really matters what you eat and how much of it as well.

What are the cons of eating before bed?

When eating before sleep one con can be that while sleeping your metabolism is lower. This means that food is harder to digest which can result in weight gain. Additionally, eating at night leads to a higher chance of acid reflux and heartburn because laying down after eating causes these conditions. Also, eating at night can increase the risk of obesity, diabetes, and heart disease. All in all, this choice comes down to what you eat and the amount. Eating a small amount of good food should most likely give you benefits when compares to eating a big amount of unhealthy food.

Professional Help 

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